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What to expect from WWDC 2017

Apple’s iOS 11 will launch in September and includes new features for the iPhone and iPad. CEO Tim Cook took the stage to kick off WWDC on Monday, he said he was going to make six big announcements. There was a lot discussed on stage, far more than just six items, but they boil down to a few key topics. The Apple Watch can now communicate with third-party devices via Bluetooth. The dock supports icons to fill screen width, and can be brought up in any screen. Do Not Disturb While Driving is a new mode added to CarPlay.

The two sizes of Pro used to be 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch, but the smaller of those has been replaced by a new 10.5-inch model. Apple says they shaved off 40% of the bezel, and so could fit 20% more screen into a device that’s almost the same size as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro the new one replaces. Yes, there’s a new Smart Keyboard to accompany the newest iPad Pro family member. No, the 9.7-inch model is no longer being sold, by all appearances.

If enabled, it detects if you’re in a car and turns off the screen. Trying to open the Notification Center takes you to the lock screen, where you can swipe up on screen to show other notifications. New Depth API is available to devs which provides access to depth information. Edits made to photos using pro tools like Photoshop, get synced with edits made in Photos. Due to the “Files” app in the iOS 11, there will be a full-fledged file system.

It also sports a new A10X processor that should improve gaming and overall app performance. That chip and the new screen were also added to Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9. As developers, we would like to pay more attention to software part of presentation. The support of the latest iOS features is particularly relevant for us because most iOS users update their devices right away. Session 215 What’s New in Accessibility Some big improvements to general accessibility capabilities for users in iOS 11.

However these wont matter a bit if they cant get voiceover working better with safari. I still get bugs like safari busy all the time if I try and move to quickly thru a page with a lot of content on it. I am constently getting stuck in menu bars on most web pages.

  • But, as expected, Apple didn’t really have anything ‘wow’-producing.
  • The entire scene graph can be explored and additionally saved as a snapshot.
  • Session 702 Privacy and Your Apps Safari Intelligent Tracking Protection.

It is worth mentioning the beginning of VR era for macOS — it will support the Vr-helmet HTC Vive. Of course, we love and use Apple products every day and can’t help but point out the updates of OS MacOS High Sierra and also the new iMac and MacBook. Rather than requiring external hardware like Microsoft’s HoloLens, Apple seems to be betting on ARKit to provide impressive quality imaging through a device most people already own. We’ll know more on how the quality actually compares when we get to try it out ourselves. There’s also a new safety feature that recognizes when a user is driving and automatically turns on Do Not Disturb to prevent distractions.

It features a couple of new watch faces, the most important of which puts Siri cards front and center. They can tell you things like when to leave for work, the music you’re playing, how your workout is going and more. WatchOS 4 has a new workout UI, support for two-way data exchange with workout machines and more. IMessages now live in the iCloud, Coding Tools in Software Engineering with synchronized conversations that you can delete from any device you own that are under the same account. You can also pay and receive payments from contacts through iMessage — so no more Venmo or Square Cash if you don’t want to download extra apps. Apple introduced the new AR Kit where we can build augmented reality apps for the iPhone.

In 1998, in response to developer comments about the new operating system, the big announcement at WWDC’98 was the introduction of Carbon, effectively a version of the classic Mac OS API implemented on OpenStep. Under the original Rhapsody plans, classic applications would run in sandboxed installation of the classic Mac OS, and have no access to the new Mac OS X features. Carbon addressed the problem by dramatically reducing the effort needed, while exposing some of the new functions of the underlying OS. Another major introduction at WWDC’98 was the Quartz imaging model, which replaced Display PostScript with something akin to display PDF.


But, as expected, Apple didn’t really have anything ‘wow’-producing. One of the best features of the new iPad Pro is ProMotion, where the refresh rate is much faster than usual, which in turn allows for smoother animations and motions, and reduces the lag when using the Apple Pencil. Apple is releasing a new kit for developers, called ARKit, which will help developers develop apps with AR. See what your friends are listening to, using the New Friends Are Listening To section. MusicKit is also available to developers, to access information about your library. As Siri learns more and more, that data is synced across all our devices.

With the new Maps app, access detailed floor plans, place cards, directory, browsing by floor, and search, of malls and airports. SiriKit is more powerful, so developers can make use of the new possibilities. Safari comes with Autoplay Blocking which blocks videos from playing automatically.

wwdc 2017 summary

Second, new frameworks, but particularly for augmented reality, are moving well beyond incremental and addressing needs building today’s apps. Both ARKit and Core ML are likely more interesting than I think many believe — democratizing two key aspects of computer science that will clearly differentiate platforms going forward. Privacy remains an extremely core theme to how the product is evolving and how Apple thinks about the way apps are implemented.

What’s New in Xcode 11

Fall Out Boy performed at the Bash held in Discovery Meadow on June 8. WWDC 2015 was held from June 8 to 12, 2015 in Moscone Center West in San Francisco. The Beer Bash was held at the Yerba Buena Gardens on June 11.

MacBooks will get upgraded, too; the MacBook Pro starting at $1,299, which includes the updated Kaby Lake processor. In this session Brett Keating describes what you can do with Vision framework. Face Detection with deep learning and optionally combined with Core ML promises some interesting enhancements.

Apple September Event 2017: Live Updates & Announcements

New modules include range of motion tests that make use of the accelerometer and gyro to test the motion of shoulder and knees. Joe Cerra takes you through some basics on UIAnimations, with the aim to help you make your animations interactive and interruptible. In 2016, Apple introduced UIVIewPropertyAnimator that enables you to do just that. With this framework, you can give your animation customized timing as well as update them on the fly. Joe walks though how to adjust timings to create more interesting effects. Exclusive Access to Memory makes it easier to deal with local variables and enable programmer and compiler optimizations, since properties sometimes need to be protected during operations.

Seven years later, Yahoo News would describe 2008 as “perhaps the peak year for WWDC product intros”, which however was marred by problems with MobileMe that caused “one of the biggest PR disasters in Apple history”. For the bash held June 12, the band Barenaked Ladies played at the Yerba Buena Gardens. Apple organizes social get-togethers during the conference for various groups, such as women in technology or developers interested in internationalization or machine learning.

Eliza returns to cover a few new things in Swift 4, such as the new KeyPath type with its new literal “\” that eases and provides clarity in the new block-based KVO. She also covers the Codable protocol that enables objects to be archived and unarchived, and which enables native JSON encoding in Cocoa Touch apps. The session begins with a shout out to Oleg Begerman’s open source playground that you could use to test Swift 4 before WWDC. Because it’s open source, you can grab a snapshot from and add it to Xcode since the snapshot is a toolchain item.

wwdc 2017 summary

Highlights are MusicKit to get access to the Apple Music API and changes to the Photos API. The image picker is moved out of process so the user can select an image without the app having to ask for permission. The other big theme this year is the push by Apple to make it easy for us to use NLP, ML and AR in our apps. Apple also highlights the privacy, speed and low latency benefits from being able to do this on device without the need for cloud based services. Session 223 Drag and Drop with Collection and Table View Extra API for adding drag and drop to table and collection views. Session 245 Building Apps with Dynamic Type Apple continues to push hard for developers to support dynamic type. A big change in iOS 11 is that all styles now grow with the extra large accessibility sizes .

WWDC 2017 Keynote

The whole system has been audited to support dynamic type which now uses the super large accessibility sizes for all styles (test your UI with these!). VoiceOver can now detect and speak text embedded in an image and there is improved support for container types. Finally if you are adding support for drag and drop don’t forget to make it accessible. Apple probably surprised people with some of the “features” in High Sierra but what should impress people more are the architecture and infrastructure advances.


I imagine being able to say, “Hey Siri, send John ten dollars”, touching the Touch ID sensor, and being done with it. First, Apple is yet again claiming that machine learning will make your life easier. Siri will notice you researching something on Safari, and offer news stories on that topic next time you use the News app. It will pull information about topics you’re interested in, and better tailor its predictive typing suggestions based on those interests.

Part of this comes from the reality that the innovations were as Craig said “deep technologies for the future”. Your watch can also pair with a glucose monitor, tennis racket, and even your surfboard. “The best and biggest WWDC ever,” gets started, and we have all the details. Stay tuned all day while we keep you up to date on the latest in Apple news and updates.