How to Choose a Bail Bond Company

Glendale Bail Bonds

Choosing a bail bond company is something that usually takes place during a stressful time in your life. If either you or a loved one require the services of a bail bond agent, there are a couple of key things to look for when choosing a bail bond company.

How Do I Research Bail Bond Companies?

The first step you take should be research, and that typically involves sites such as Google Reviews, and Yelp. You should compile a list of the bail bond companies in your area and compare them. When you start comparing them, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. A bail bond agent typically works by asking the defendant put down a percentage of the bail set by the judge. After this, the bail bond agent will put up the rest of the funds through a bond. You should ensure that the bail bond companies that you’re researching don’t charge exorbitant and unreasonable fees. The next thing to ensure is that the customers who have utilized their services before have left positive feedback. 

How Do Bail Bond Agents Make Money?

A bail bond agent makes their money through the percentage of the bail that you put down, that they keep after the trial. Some bail bond companies may try to take advantage of you in your time of need and attach high fees to your bail bond. The typical bail bond agent fee is ten percent. A bail bond company with anything higher than that is one you should avoid. Beware of hidden fees, and beware that putting down collateral or having a co-signer are both common practices.

There are sadly a lot of bail bond scammers out there. Due to this, you should make sure to personally verify seemingly basic things like ensuring the company exists and that the address listed actually exists. These are very important things to do, to avoid being scammed. Calling the number listed, and talking to the company, is another way to get a feel for who you’re dealing with. Through basic research, and reading of reviews, you can avoid falling prey to fake or predatory bail bond agents.

Is The Bail Bond Agent That You’re Selecting Legit?

It’s also important to make sure that the company you’re dealing with has insurance. A bail bond company’s insurance license number should be printed on all of their advertisements. If you’re wondering if a bail bond company’s insurance number is valid, and not just one that’s made up, you can go to California’s Department of Insurance website at to make sure that it’s the real deal. If you’re in need of bail bond companies near you, Sharky & Stephen Bail Bonds are a great bail bond service, offering fast and affordable bail bonds. Call us now at (818) 696-1363.

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